Question: What is an easy and instant way of raising your spirits?

Answer: Watch this quick 3 minute video, I made in Biarritz, to discover the answer. .Hint – scatter the swag!

This is not only fun, but easy and quick. Everyone likes this!


Sarah Barton here, at Angel Cuddle Cafe and Angel Cuddle Trails. I wanted to do a quick tip here, above the sea at Biarritz with the sea in the background. The sea always raises my spirits, although that is not today’s answer to my above question.


A quick tip to share with you about how you can make yourself feel better, and other people too.


Everybody loves finding coins. Whether they are little or bigger coins, they love finding coins. What made me think about this was – the other day, when we got to a toll on the autoroute my son didn’t take his change. He left it in the little trap where it all went chunk, chunk, chunk and he drove off saying: “Oh well, the next person that comes along will get a nice surprise.”


And that reminded me of, I don’t know who it was, someone suggested that you leave your loose change (that annoys you in your purse or your pocket), just leave it for people to find… Maybe when you stop at the fuel station, you can leave some coins by the pump, for people to find, or just anywhere… Leaving it for children or adults to find.  We all love finding that swag, that treasure.


It makes us feel good to know that someone is going to be pleased at finding the coins, and the person who finds them is pleased. And they are reminded that they do have luck in their life and they can have nice surprises, that there are positive things going on.


We just love finding coins.


That’s just a little tip on how you can raise your spirits, and raise others’ spirits. There you have it ..


Bisouxxx from Biarritz.


Little disclaimer I ought to share with you: I am not a medical doctor or a dietitian. I am not giving medical, legal or financial advice. I am sharing information, knowledge, experience, wisdom… I am not telling anyone what they should do. These weekly tips are for educational / informational purposes. I am sharing.



If you would like to get in touch with me or work with me, you can contact me HERE. I look forward to hearing from you. I love connecting with you. Here’s to a happier you!



Angel Cuddles,



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