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Hello again,

In this weekly tip, I’m going to share a very quick method for returning to the happy, joyful feeling or state you have experienced, and therefore being able to instantly raise your ‘spirits’, your frequency and attract more love and positive abundance to you, as a result.

As you can see, in today’s weekly tip I’m talking about the beach – but more expressly, happiness and attracting love and positive abundance, as well as being able to go to your happy state at any given moment.

You may be wondering what they all have to do together. Let me explain…

Sarah Barton with the weekly tip at Plage Le Petit Nice

Me sitting on the beach frazzling myself in the sun is not my idea of fun or joy. I am fair skinned and have to have a big, good quality parasol or beach tent type shelter. However, as you may have noticed, by now, I love being by the sea. I am joyous when I am by the sea or paddling in the ocean. During my recent hols near Bordeaux, we went to the beach – the Plage Le Petit Nice.

It was great weather conditions for me. There was a lot of cloud forming a layer between the sun and me, so I was able to take photos to my heart’s content and didn’t have to shelter. I was really enjoying myself and that brings me to the explanation…

sea shore Plage Le Petiti Nice

Very simply put, happiness, joy, love and positive abundance, in all its senses are closely linked. When you are feeling happy, your higher, positive energy attracts positive, abundant energy to you at the same time as you transmit it.

heart shaped pebble in the sand

We transmit our most dominant energy the most (logical really, isn’t it?). So, if we want happiness, love and positive abundance, we want to be transmitting that energy frequency. I was enjoying myself on the beach, taking photos of the drift wood that was lying at the edge of the water and had been brought to that spot, by the sea, from who knows where. I took photos of the sea coming up the sand, a heart-shaped pebble I found on the beach where I was sitting, and as you can see, my feet in the water and my footprints in the sand.

footprints in the sand

While standing in the water I sent out love across the ocean, and at the same time I was open to the love and positive energy being attracted to me, and being brought to me via the sea and universe. (I will make a separate recording of the ocean love transmission). I was thinking about what a good conductor of energy water is, how vast the ocean is, and how far that love would be going and coming from. Water is also cleansing, literally and symbolically and salt water is physically and mentally healing…

Sarah Barton's feet in the sea water

Now, here is the tip and quick method: I can go to that happy state on the beach – the happiness in taking photos, being near and in the water, being out in nature. Time is circular, as I have mentioned in other weekly tip videos. While I was standing in the water, transmitting and feeling love and happy energy, I pressed my thumb nail into the tip of my index finger. Now, whenever I want to go to that happy beach state, I just have to repeat that – press my thumb nail into my index finger.

You can do this too. This sets up an anchor. There was no pun intended, although I was literally anchoring myself in the sand as the sea water lapped around my feet and ankles. I believe this anchoring is similar to a NLP technique, but I think NLP practitioners suggest you press the thumb nail into the index finger in a pulsing manner. I don’t pulse. LOL.

This anchor can be reinforced over and over. When you experience a happy state, reinforce your memory anchor with your thumb nail and index finger. You can call upon your happy state and raise your energy frequency at any moment.

So, there you have it. Of course, the happier you are and the higher your energy frequency is, you will be transmitting happy, loving energy and attracting like energy to you.

Sarah Barton at Plage Le Petit Nice

I will leave you on that happy note. If you feel an inner calling to work with me, to assist you in healing, expanding and evolving into You, you can contact me HERE. I look forward to hearing from you. I love connecting with you. Don’t forget that! You are reading this for a reason. We connect with those we are here for and who are here for us…

Here’s to a happier you!

Angel Cuddles,


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