Ocean Love Transmission with Sarah Barton at Angel Cuddle Trails


While standing in the sea at Plage Le Petit Nice, I sent out a love transmission across the ocean, the Universe and Gaia. With this audio, you can share in this ocean love transmission, as a guided meditation…


Sarah Barton here with a loving energy transmission across the ocean, where I am standing (and you are with me), with our feet in the water.


Close your eyes, and be comfortable and relaxed…Feel your feet in the water, as it gently laps around your feet and ankles…


Who is that love going to? Who is sending love back to you? We’re connected by our hearts… Join me in the transmission with the audio above and bathe in the Light Language blessing encoded with pure love.


You can contact me HERE. I look forward to hearing from you. I love connecting with you. Don’t forget that! You are reading this for a reason. We connect with those we are here for and who are here for us…


Angel Cuddles,


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  Hello, Sarah Barton here, Angel Ambassador, Channel of Grace, and a Reiki Master. An English lady with a passion for being a light bearer, sharing love and showing up as one of the ones here to end separation on Mother Earth. So, how can I help you?

Angel of Love on Earth



I would recommend Sarah to anyone for Reiki and Angel Cuddles Healing Sessions. You can only expect positive to come out from your connection to her and from using her services.
Love & Blessings,
Alain Deguire
Alain Deguire



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