Angel Card Reading Consultation

Sarah Barton, Doreen Virtue Certified Angel Card Reader


Three Card Email Reading: $25

(One question) 

With readings via email, I provide pictures of each card with a detailed description of the angel message.

Three Card Skype Call Reading:

Angel Card Reading Consultation 60 minutes   $55

Angel Card Reading Consultation 45 minutes   $44

Angel Card Reading Consultation 30 minutes   $30

Angel Card Reading Consultation 15 minutes   $20

(One question for 15 minute consultation)


Celtic Cross Email Reading and healing: $55 

(One question)

The Celtic Cross 10 card spread answers very specific questions in great detail.  It covers many aspects, going deep.  I provide pictures of each card with a detailed description of the angel messages with the Celtic Cross reading via email.



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What I need to know:

Your name

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The email address where you would like the reading to be delivered.


I am a Doreen Virtue Certified Angel Card Reader. I use Doreen and Radleigh’s beautiful Angel Tarot and Oracle card decks.

The angels are there to provide insightful inspiration. They offer information, guidance once you ask, sometimes immediately, sometimes instilling the seed at the time of a card reading and expanding on it later via various means, which will bring you back to the meaning of the card(s) the angels brought to your attention during the reading. Aha moments abound! The angels contact us and communicate with us via consciousness and in the heart.

As soon as you ask for an angel card reading I align with your energy vibration and “channel” the messages from the angel during the reading. I am the messenger and I blah blah the message without filtering it. So, in other words, I just spill out what comes to me whether it makes sense to me or not!

Once you have contacted me and set your intention to receive the healing and messages from the angels, your request will have been heard. Before the reading takes place you may feel the calming and loving energy from the angels at work/play. The angels will comfort, guide and reassure you before, during and after a reading.

Three card readings are the most popular, but some people prefer a Celtic Cross reading with ten cards which answers specific questions in more detail.


How do you benefit from a card reading consultation?

I am an intuitive healer with my Angel Cuddle Healing modality. You don’t actually go to a healer for them to heal you. A healer triggers your own abilities to heal yourself. That’s what I do during a consultation and reading. So, during a session you benefit from:

* Card reading answering your questions and providing clarity and calm.

* Coaching.

* Angel Cuddle Healing (clearing your energy centres of what no longer serves you, releasing stress and emotions that have been barriers to your forward motion and refilling with love and light.

* Motivation to take your next inspired action toward a more joyful life.

* Tools for healing yourself.

To set up a reading or if you have questions about a Card Reading Consultation you can contact me at or order your Reading via PayPal here:

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**All readings are for entertainment value only. They are not meant for medical, legal or financial advice.



Angel Cuddle Healing

Sarah Barton's Angel Cuddle Graphip Download your free Angel Cuddle Healing Taster now. Just click HERE to experience the life force energy being absorbed into every cell of your body, affecting you on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Angel Cuddles


Sarah Barton photo


  Hello, Sarah Barton here, Angel Ambassador, Channel of Grace, and a Reiki Master. An English lady with a passion for being a light bearer, sharing love and showing up as one of the ones here to end separation on Mother Earth. So, how can I help you?

Angel of Love on Earth



I would recommend Sarah to anyone for Reiki and Angel Cuddles Healing Sessions. You can only expect positive to come out from your connection to her and from using her services.
Love & Blessings,
Alain Deguire
Alain Deguire



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