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    Today’s weekly tip concerns time. I show you my simple way of letting my mind accept the concept of all things happening in the now. I discuss how time is not linear, but is circular and show how we can clear the effects of past childhood or past life traumas or “stories”, constrictions…

    It is so important to ground every day. In this week’s tip, I share a grounding process that I use – a much shorter version of the Red Peacock Tail Grounding Meditation which I shared in a video which you can find Here.   In the last weeks, we have looked at muscle…

      This week’s tip continues with muscle testing and asking questions to get to the root cause of your issue. Before looking at a couple of example questions, in the video I go through a simple process for feeling your energy field.   Albert Einstein and Quantum Physics have shown us that everything…

    This week’s tip continues with muscle testing using the ring finger technique. This muscle testing technique is simple, but effective for discovering your sub-conscious beliefs and memories. Last week, I demonstrated  you as the pendulum! LOL. This week, you will discover using your thumb and baby finger as a ring.   For your…

Angel Cuddle Healing

Sarah Barton's Angel Cuddle Graphip Download your free Angel Cuddle Healing Taster now. Just click HERE to experience the life force energy being absorbed into every cell of your body, affecting you on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

Angel Cuddles


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  Hello, Sarah Barton here, Angel Ambassador, Channel of Grace, and a Reiki Master. An English lady with a passion for being a light bearer, sharing love and showing up as one of the ones here to end separation on Mother Earth. So, how can I help you?

Angel of Love on Earth



I would recommend Sarah to anyone for Reiki and Angel Cuddles Healing Sessions. You can only expect positive to come out from your connection to her and from using her services.
Love & Blessings,
Alain Deguire
Alain Deguire



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