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  This week’s tip continues with muscle testing using your standing body. This is probably the easiest form of muscle testing and discovering your sub-conscious beliefs and memories. Last week, I demonstrated using the pendulum. This week, you are the pendulum! LOL.   In last week’s tip video, I mentioned that I didn’t fully understand…

    In other videos I mentioned muscle testing. And you may have also seen me using my pendulum in some of the Angel Cuddle Trails videos at sacred sites, energy portals.   Today, in this short video, I am going to share a quick demo on using the pendulum for muscle testing, dowsing or…

  In this video, I share a short, but powerful exercise for immediately de-stressing,  and quietening your mind chatter by going to zero point, the point of creation. I suggest you do this process in short bite-size bouts of about 11 seconds, a number of times per day, every day.   Remember, you obviously should not…

(Longer practise video with energy healing)     In an endeavour to “show up” more, I took part in a Cool Cats Video Challenge last week. You may have seen my video entry on my Angel Cuddle Trails FB page. Now, the goal was to make a 3 minute or less video, introducing myself and…

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Sarah Barton's Angel Cuddle Graphip Download your free Angel Cuddle Healing Taster now. Just click HERE to experience the life force energy being absorbed into every cell of your body, affecting you on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

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  Hello, Sarah Barton here, Angel Ambassador, Channel of Grace, and a Reiki Master. An English lady with a passion for being a light bearer, sharing love and showing up as one of the ones here to end separation on Mother Earth. So, how can I help you?

Angel of Love on Earth



I would recommend Sarah to anyone for Reiki and Angel Cuddles Healing Sessions. You can only expect positive to come out from your connection to her and from using her services.
Love & Blessings,
Alain Deguire
Alain Deguire



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