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Happy New Year – Happy New Life!

  • 30th December 2016 |
  • Author: Sarah

   Happy New Year – Happy New You! I invite you to Be the Love and Light that you truly are. I invite you to release the old which no longer serves you, make space for and let in the new. “It is time dear ones…” Mary Magdalene As 2016 comes to a close let…

  Healing Hangouts continued at Angel Cuddle Cafe with my guest speaker and very good friend, Sylvia Charlewood, Medium, Author and Receiver of Automatic Cathar Writings. Sylvia is a dear friend and fellow English lady I met here in France, a number of years ago, when she came to stay in our gite accommodation, Sylvia had come to…

  Healing Hangouts continued at Angel Cuddle Cafe with my guest speaker and friend, Karen Sophia Peck, Facilitator, Teacher, Multidimensional Healer and Etheric Surgeon for Light Body Activations. Karen is a fellow English lady I met in Glastonbury, about a year ago, She is a very powerful catalyst for change and healer. The short Divine Healing Session I had with…

  It was great doing a Healing Hangout at Angel Cuddle Cafe with my guest speaker, Noga Meir, Shaman, Spiritual Healer and Teacher. Noga and I met in Glastonbury, UK last year. When I started the Healing Hangouts I Googled Noga and found a video on YouTube where she performed the opening blessing at a ceremony….

Angel Cuddle Healing

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Angel Cuddles


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  Hello, Sarah Barton here, Angel Ambassador, Channel of Grace, and a Reiki Master. An English lady with a passion for being a light bearer, sharing love and showing up as one of the ones here to end separation on Mother Earth. So, how can I help you?

Angel of Love on Earth



I would recommend Sarah to anyone for Reiki and Angel Cuddles Healing Sessions. You can only expect positive to come out from your connection to her and from using her services.
Love & Blessings,
Alain Deguire
Alain Deguire



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